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Do you dream of seeing your rider or yourself on an event t-shirt? Just imagine how cool it would be to have your own custom logo of your last name or team name and see it on your friends and family. MotoTees is giving you the opportunity to make this a reality for your team today! Whether you have one rider in the family or multiple, we can take your favorite image and put on an event t-shirt design today! With multiple options in varies price ranges, there is something for everyone. Our graphic designers have 10+ years of experience designing event t-shirts and can come up with an original logo for your rider or team, which will give you instant factory status. Once your design is done, the sky is the limit for what you can do with it.

With our brand-new direct to garment printer we can put your design on virtually any product. Unlike traditional screen printing where you have to print hundreds of t-shirts to be cost effective, we can print just 1 t-shirt or 100! The price is the same either way!  You can put your design on any color/style/size t-shirt. We also have the capabilities to make vehicle wraps, sublimated pit shirts, tent top covers, and more. All with your professionally designed logo and colors. You name it, we can make it!


Please allow 4-6 weeks for the complete process, from design concept to production.


The Process:


  • Our graphic designers will take your favorite photo (that you select) and prep it for the design.
  • Depending on the style or angle of your photo, we will select from one of our many templates to find the best fit and style.
  • If you are purchasing one of our Factory packages, our artist will custom design a logo of your name, last name, or team name to be used as the headline for the design. We will also add your personal sponsors to the design.
  • Once the design is complete, we will send it to you for changes. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the design. Once its approved, we are ready for production!



The Stock Kit:               $50 Art Fee


-We take your favorite photo and place in our template

-Your name and number are added

-No other changes are made to the design


The Factory Kit:           $100 Art Fee


-We take your favorite photo and design a custom event style design based on your team colors and style

-A custom logo is designed for your rider or team. This can simply be your name, your last name, or your team name. Whatever you want people to remember you as! Our graphic designers will come up with 2 examples to give you options.

-Pick 5-10 sponsors from our designated list and we add to the design. If you have a sponsor that is not listed in our directory, we can add it if you can track down the art file.

-A proof is emailed to you for final approval.


The Team Kit:                         $150 Art Fee


-You get everything in the factory kit but features 2 riders in the same design.